Marietta Market’s Fall Finale – Oct. 16

Play that funky music white the Marietta Market

A staple at the Marietta Market, GUITARS, and we'll have lots of them on Sunday, October 16, our final market day of 2011.

That’s right friends, neighbors and lovely tourists. The Sunday, October 16 is our final day for the second season of 2011.  And we intend to go out with a twang. Guitars that is. And vocal chords. And more.

Get your last batch of homegrown goods, baked goodies and sing along with us while you’re at it.

It’s been a joy serving you this past year and we look forward to another.

Yoga, another unique staple of Marietta Market's 2011 season.

Being part of the Marietta Marketeers doesn't always need to be a stretch. It's sometimes even more fun than yoga.

We are welcoming new members to the committee of Marietta Marketeers. Do you have talents in outreach, organization, friendliness, finance and yes, playing the guitar?  Most of all, do you have a commitment to bringing local goods to local bellies?  Take that bold next step into the circle of Marketeers by first contacting us: or call Katie Martin at 717-873-9117.