Your 2012 Market Committee

Marietta Market Committee

Marietta Market Committee has expanded since this photo of original marketeers!

Here is a list of Marietta Market’s current committee members – based on their roles, this list can help you determine who to contact for specific market-related questions:

Katie Martin – Chair – Collects agenda items; facilitates meetings; delegates tasks; works directly with the Market Manager to attend events and increase involvement and connection with other community organizations

Lauren Hertz Burnett – Vendor Recruiter – Makes initial contacts with new / potential vendors; works with Market Manager to assist with vendor needs and communication; has knowledge of the vendor agreement and Dept of Ag regulations (Lauren can be reached at 717-875-9212)

Lauren Thomas – Secretary – Takes minutes at all meetings; works with other departments to assist in creating necessary forms, brochures, etc.; maintains mailing lists

Nate Willing  – Business Manager – Handles both treasury and essential aspects of keeping the Market legal, including insurance, bathroom facilities, and Department of Agriculture requirements; represent the Market as needed at Borough meetings; maintain the Market’s budget; provide gain/loss reports at committee meetings

Claire Taylor – Outreach Coordinator – Handles public relations and maintains relationships with local businesses; works with the Market Manager on advertising and press; maintains Facebook and website pages; organizes outreach events (e.g., Market presence on Marietta Day); keeps public information up-to-date

Holly Willing – Events Coordinator – Coordinates events at Market throughout the season; works directly with Outreach, Market Manager, volunteers, and public to plan activities and promote special Market events

We are always in need of volunteers and are always looking for vendors, so be in touch if you want to be a part of Marietta Market!